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' aid civilisation of the age, and in this in this ewe to drive N-w m.t intoh.samt- etns to have revived, for the moment at nent of Europe. country the ruling of theeoiirts has much t y» He then reviewt-I the iu-torv of Bv- ast, the Fenian excitement in that city The descent of the Speaker’s gavel here. • d .teller been adverse than tavoralile to ans f aojuaintane* and f-ieirdsfiir. o ’reord him in her uiay offcr, and IB whatever shape that then quietly remarked: “Ah, she evi- '^'.rpile during the hot weather, out of ” f b^ n r B' ,d a l're ad with telegraphic ” for-tiflf- i in tlie position he took hv motion to leeommitit, with instructions, on this point are frequent and explicit. Thtnapnoa then reviewed Z * pfiaied t his doctrine of the common law. and bv and held that where a man is impelled by tin kindness and part iality wou upon her a pa-sion or mama that be cannot control childish heart until, a- -he says -he, Mine occasion mav present itselt. :d^rss L«sj»iss: woe be Lo those wbo have forced il upou " «rd Heeclicr the credit in inventing the ™r Hl d «*tricts, I know, hut it cannot be ,1 ‘ a '! , J h nl vote to give colored tasiple every right ex- T,a * ,, HU "* of Raymond was called, time of the commission of the homicide, tlirning to the Paths of re. From that Oil the question, “Shall the in ■'*** aud ua J' 9 » lhe result being ye .s t H. the House Mo- bil thing,” said Jones, dismissed Providence is kin, er to us 1 *,' P * u P°‘ e01 Bia arrival HJlfe , government as any ou the conti- yeas and nays, the result being ve . congratulated himself he whether, at this stage of the measure, a , »» guiltless of , rim*, and me dectstona ! • • den Uy though, you la-tter than nuq.” fugitives from the city, whereas, the first e M ,d T* ^ one who hcfit“h; J^ “ ^.^„ Z was in order, but the .speaker informed Mr. , advocacy of black suffrage have imparted hut a few days and full of trouble. — [u Ohi M State lleports, w 0 I" 1 •ns ted in to them a dignity, a respect ability and a The proprietor of the hotel will la* kind r i.ur«ir.t imi»u|.i/-.r-if ikurfon - -* th* uiai o S pp. s“nuing troops to Mexico, a crisis in Mi x- Jireatige which otherwise they never could enough to telegraph to my uncle, Mr. ■ UU ‘1r Ht TEV PATENT L-EV^KR rarl*, no Chase sat in the courtroom during the iean affairs must be approaching. h bt , lbe Com- -Over 400 persons joined the churches I ^i^ucy Smne^nd' ^cretfo Mo U mor'ln^'^ ° f Wy U " U, ° rr OW n Tni Tf~ Y 7 /\ T . will ere long be mistresses, if not mas- Accept my thanks for your kindness ” lie added: — Of fourty-four Republican papers in lers i °t the situation. Let them corns back and ask for- may get at those who stand fothind them ew» of her courts shall be executed. i nunurew 111 s motion wiu uai me uaugnters nsrra- sjx ke of tbe nvertsiweri ng et V I* o| grief moved the previous tioii was affected bv her de-ire to secure a 'UMin a sensitive in in . m- dsuglt- the previous question any evidence brought forward in thi- mi-e t ' er . v ihe -gory of her aud substituting the tbe fervor and truthful sees of her heart. tto la rent seeds of insamtv that lay nited States Govern- and killed him, aud so help me God, 1 buried in his mind Insanity he said ia would have done tbe same thing. It may pass by two 'or replied thit motions* an-1 stamping, which Judge Bicknell iin- .tarra v-enerst ns. Tklr* ut Fwartb IBI MVIa XX XT, Spring anv ABTi-r molab* idirrit ta UDBlromiin rnur-Ay tot 1 hoieco Igr SB ooc Df Ssu-r, It k a r.«-t.iaauu» — .... Uood-bve Louis’’ lar the halluei MMion " I j list encountered. the coiumou law of England as tbe per- 1 consumption which weighed down and . ed the rebellion, ami organized govern- The House divided and the Speaker I fectionof reason; and have told yen that ,,,pre--.»i V. ne ((eruption oi the Iri.-li merits in the rebellious cantons, a- Mr J counted — yeas 90, nays 5! motive and the impulse 'T^waa therel wremg to ki,,,^ We are iudebted to the Cincinnati Com- -The rush for country residences near (-mmiittre and receiving the callsofsiicli whites, and the right to vote at the bullet J*" ‘*»PP«** th ,^' r a »'i laugbe.1 eontrolltng h.-ac-t— of that instinctive ir- such a ibod W N . unl*r similar New York in view of the advent r Mwh* the turn of the Central Park in a friends as hs chose to meet. Stephens gave a lew hints of the s P € ‘ Hker * He expressed hi.s intention to * Jo «se; jmd ihe naine of Schuvler Collax While engaged upon this division of tbo crune m s y*ii 4 »».

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