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Who manufactures your private-label products, and how do you keep the prices lower than national brand?At Hannaford, our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products at consistently low prices.What if I can't find a product I enjoy at Hannaford?Call the Hannaford Information Center at (800) 213-9040, or click here to send the Information Center a message. Our comment cards available at the registers are carefully reviewed by our merchandisers for product suggestions.There are different approaches to code dating on products: Sell-by dates can be put on products by the manufacturer or by the retailer.These are quality dates and have no correlation to safety.If you are not satisfied with the quality, simply return the item and its original packaging to the store nearest you.

Expiration or use-by dates are required by law on pharmaceutical products, infant formula and baby foods.

Products can be sold and consumed safely after the sell-by date.

Use-by dates or best-if-used-by dates usually are put on products by the manufacturer to help consumers know when products are at their peak of freshness and quality.

Unfortunately, store space is limited, and so we are unable to honor all customer requests to add new products to the store shelves.

There are many factors that influence the decision to carry a product in our stores.

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