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Those Mums who are Crowded House fans will recognise the familiar face of Crowded House drummer, Paul Hester, joining in the Wiggles fun as Chef. Hot Potato, the Wiggles anthem here in Australia, also provides a funny tune that the kids have a great time dancing along to.Once again the actions to this tune are great fun and really encourage kids to get up and get grooving along!Appearances by Waggs the Dog and Henry the Octopus add to the excellent entertainment that keeps my daughter enthralled.(No easy task for a busy little 19 month old with the world at her feet!) Fruit Salad is a great number, teaching about cooking and, more importantly, cleaning up afterwards.""My two boys constantly want to watch Wiggle Time.I bought Yummy Yummy to get a break from Wiggle Time and we're disappointed.there are Puppets who are suppose to look like the characters on this show performing a song.

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We went looking for it at Toys R Us and with no luck came looking for it here. The girls do love this one but my primary reason for ordering it . We've had Yummy Yummy for about 2 weeks now and my son absolutely loves them.However there are a couple of scenes that frighten him.The bride exchanged her iconic sunny-hued Wiggles uniform for a breathtaking wedding dress, featuring a high neckline, an embellished lace bodice and long sleeves.She topped off her trademark red locks with a glitzy headpiece by Viktoria Novak.

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