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So much so that many have banked entire marketing platforms on it.

Think Stone’s aptly named Enjoy by IPA, for example, a beer which is branded to showcase its never-distant expiration date as a selling point.

So how can we spot fresh beer, and the best places to buy the freshest beer? Some have a mashup of letters and numbers that seem to be random. Thanks to the Consumerist, we have a little help in uncovering the secret born on date.

The picture in the header is from a Bev Mo in Menlo Park, California.

See how many rules that particular store is breaking?

Just look at the labels on bottles from Stone Brewing in San Diego. According to Mc Donnell, these dates are "better than nothing, but they can be deceptive." More: ""Enjoy by" dates are better than nothing, but they can be deceptive.

Just cause a beer can stay for six months in optimal conditions doesn't mean it got those optimal conditions.

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