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Too Much Magic – 1990 Alex books Put out by Wise Owl in 1987 and later by Chariot , this series written by Nancy S. All in all , wooden writing and ultimately unbelievable. You had to be a real animal lover to enjoy this series. Though the characters were famous , hung out in new-wave clubs flashing with laser lights , dated guys with their own apartments , the lack of having to deal with any issues that this sped up lifestyle would fling at them was woefully absent. The series was unusual in the fact that school work , friends, and anything not revolving around animals or Val’s family is rarely mentioned.

Levene was a funny preteen series aimed at younger kids with a Christian theme. The Fire at Mary Anne’s House – 1999 Super Specials 1. The Baby-sitters European Vacation The Mysteries 1. The characters were interchangeable – Shana Bradbury who with the exception of having an absent sheik father and washed up actress mother was just like Katie Nolan who went home to suburban life after every shoot. The only original character was fourteen year old Jewel Nolan, Katie’s spunky tag-along sister. Most of the plots hinged on a problem concerning an animal that Val would help solve. For all it was worth the reader saw only tail ends of soap scenes and the glamorized lifestyle of being a teenage star was watered down. The protagonist was Valentine ‘Val’ Taylor an animal lover like her veterinarian father who owned the Animal Inn, his clinic, where Val helped him out.

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    The Classic Clue: When you see lipstick on your husband’s shirt or strange hairs on their clothing or in the car.

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    Cataract surgery is generally performed by an ophthalmologist in an ambulatory setting rather than an inpatient setting, in a surgical center or hospital.