21st century online dating

If you are looking to attract women that are artistic, your pictures need to indicate a certain level of creativity. CREATE A BRILLIANT BIO This is basically a section about who you are. This is the second thing women will notice when viewing your profile and if done correctly, will further entice them to match with you.

Don’t leave your bio empty – this isn’t the time to be mysterious.

Tinder is the fastest growing dating app in the world and has made dating easier than ever, by revolutionizing the online dating industry.

You can now interact, set up dates and attract women from the comfort of your own home with a simple swipe. Once I have been able to attract women, how do I get their numbers? Most men are ignorant when it comes to attracting women on Tinder – until now.

What can we do to ensure that we feature within the 14% of men that attract women on the app?The fundamentals of a Tinder bio are to come across as entertaining, successful, interesting and funny.You want to provide a brief description and provide small insights into your life. STAND OUT WITH YOUR CONVERSATION STARTERS Most men make the mistake of trying to attract women by playing hard to get by waiting a couple of days before messaging her.For example, if you are looking to attract women that are sporty and fit, ensure that your pictures portray that you are sporty and fit.If you are looking to attract women that are adventurous, then ensure that your photo’s communicate adventurousness and spontaneity.

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