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The raven flying across the composition is the traditional carrier of God's message to Saint Benedict.Adam and Eve are presented as an African man and woman surrounded by patterned fabrics from various ancient cultures.It is a collaborative effort, involving many persons in both Wales and the United States.

The pages of the Bibles shown in this exhibition represent a work in progress. On the first day, fragmented shapes explode from the primordial void, expressed by the Hebrew words "tohu wabohu" (chaos).

The poisonous coral snake, also depicted in the Creation and Garden of Eden illuminations, appears between Adam and Eve.

Jackson's use of a gold bar framing Adam and Eve is meant to suggest God's presence as a framework for human life.

Photographs of Ethiopian tribes-people influenced Jackson's design.

He wanted to link the notion of the Bible's first man and woman with current archaeological and anthropological theories that humankind originated in Africa.

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