Joe jonas dating brenda song

She has German, as well as English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, ancestry.She began seriously studying acting at the age of 9, landing a lead role in a church musical, "...Selena Gomez has a video telling everyone to go out and buy Taylor Swift’s new c.d.Fearless, yeah the one that has songs about Joe Jonas leaving her because SELENA GOMEZ hooked him up with Brenda Song while he was still with Taylor. I personally think Taylor posted the video to remind Selena of the past the two ladies had together before things went bad, but we’re all intitled to our own opinions.

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You denied Nick and Yourself dating, you denied Miley and yourself fighting, and now you deny that nothing is wrong between yourself and taylor.

I would post everything on here, but it is better in complete form as found on IMDB.

Check out the NEW details of this new relationship HERE.

It has a link to multiple other sites that have information on their dating.

It includes a recent basketball game date between the two young Disney stars.

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