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Told them to sod off and that I’m not def not renewing my contract when it’s up next year. but i wanted to know is there an ACTUAL LIMIT to the no.of times the product code on a device can be changed(say 3times)?Managed to keep virtually everything using nokia suite, application menu wasnt working right intially on the home screen and locking me out of the menu options got into eventally, factory reset sorted that. Im having a few problems with my handset, and I think I might have to send it back to 3.Stupidly, I never noted down the original product code when putting in the generic version.Unfortunately nothing happens whn i do as instructed. 3UK was preventing my new n/w provides 3G details to get copied into Phone (that’s violation right).But this fixt worked for me (every thing same as Pike said).And due to Pike’s warning I didn’t restore everything from my old phone, just my contacts. Hi, Did debranding your E71 stop 3’s Skype client from working? I’m interested in trying this out, but would hate to lose Skype especially. If you rebrand your 3 mobile you’ll not lose Skype or 3 video calling.

Are you sure you’ve changed the product code sucessfully with NSS, did you read the code again to check its worked?

or can you keep changing the product code as many times as you want? You can change the Product Code as many times as you want.

i just got a 3uk e71(PC:0569999)and am thinking of getting the latest firmware for it but the only problem is that i dont know if ill be valid for warranty after the product code change? Oh and you will valida the warranty, that’s why I advise changing the product code back to the original once you’ve updated the firmware.

It seems that the mods that my mobile company had made to the original firmware weren’t compatible with the new firmware, resulting in it not being able to boot up.

Somehow I did get it to boot, re-installed the new firmware, and left out the phone settings from the backup restore. Once again, thanks gerrymoth, you’ve ended a week of tearing my hair out!

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