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When it is pressed, the page (and form) are rebuilt as they are when the Ajax-enabled element is changed.

So the issue of ajax requests not being validated before submission was raised here: and the points about binding to click vs submit are very good.

The submit button is using Ajax and I added the 'validate_first' =TRUE line to the #ajax array on that form submit button.

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I enable clientside validation on a field in a form that I defined in my module.

*/ function ajax_example_autocheckboxes($form, &$form_state) /** * Callback element needs only select the portion of the form to be updated.

*/ function ajax_example_autocheckboxes_callback($form, $form_state) It is considered best practice to provide graceful degradation of behaviors in the case the browser does not support Java Script.

Ajax-enabled forms in Drupal 7 offer dynamic form behavior with no page reloads. Ajax-enabled forms update or replace part of the page or part of the form without doing a full page reload - only the part that needs to be changed is changed.

Traditional web behavior has the user fill in a form, click a button, and the entire page is rebuilt and sent back to the browser.

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