Bela fleck abigail washburn dating speeddating munchen

One complication was adding an infant to the whole scenario — not for the faint of heart!

There was so much reimagining, reorganizing and rethinking about our daily lives we had to do.

When Chinese diplomats come to the US and there are important conversations going on, a huge piece of it should be sharing beautiful art that spans China and America.

I’ve always thought, oh gosh, if only I could perform with a Chinese band for some high-level officials when they come through Washington, DC.

What I knew of as culture was the radio and my public schools and strip malls and working at a pizza place.

But when I heard that old-time Appalachian music, I thought, “You know?

This is a real window into early America, and where we come from culturally.” “Why not? But before we had our baby, I was concerned that if I went on the road with Béla, I’d be the unknown one.

to experience a captivating evening of music with Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn, as they weave together the styles of gospel, chamber, blues music, and Appalachian murder ballads.[Laughter] Most of the community learns by sitting and listening, so in that sense, yes, it’s still very much an oral tradition.In the folk tradition, people are thrilled to be able to pass along what’s important to them. I got my foundation in Appalachian and old-time music by jumping on tour with an all-female string band for six years.I wanted to know I had the ability to do this on my own.Once I had a good career going, we started playing live together at venues all over the world, and it’s been the most exciting thing.

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