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To fix this, the offending menu options must be removed from the and maketag scripts.To remove an entire package series from consideration, you must edit isolinux/setpkg in a manner analogous to maketag or to remove the offending menu option.We begin our journey with Slackware 1.01, posted to the linux.announce newsgroup well over 20 years ago.What's missing is any notion of package management.A unique trait of open source is that it's never truly EOL (End of Life).The disc images mostly remain online, and their licenses don't expire, so going back and installing an old version of Linux in a virtual machine and getting a precise picture of what progress Linux has made over the years is relatively simple.The , with several layers of menu selections and, unsurprisingly, a fraction of available packages.Even so, you can sense the convenience factor in the design concept.

You can replace all those with a single package that installs your kernel, modules and kernel source together.This provided a minimal Debian install with many of the familiar conventions any modern Linux user would expect from their OS.Debian is now famous for its package management system, but there are mere hints of that in this early release.Once I'd failed the process twice, I got used to the way Ya ST worked, and the third time was smooth and very much a hint at the Linux user experience to come in later years. The configuration process was familiar, with a few nice graphical tools (including a good frontend) to help test and debug mouse and monitor problems.It took less than an hour to get a GUI up and running, and most of the delay was caused by my own research on what resolutions and color depths Qemu's virtualized video card could handle.

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