Gridview templatefield not updating

Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" "ag******" wrote: Thanks for your reply David.

I was just lamenting the fact that the Update Command did nothing. I have since gven up on editing with the Grid View and instead use the Select Command to redirect to antoher page with a Details View for the edit.

A common way to use these collections is to HTML-encode the values supplied by the user before they are stored in the data source.

I have a Grid View with a couple of Template Fields. My Grid View: Auto Generate Delete Button="True" Auto Generate Edit Button="True" Cell Padding="3" Grid Lines="Horizontal" Data Source ID="sds Vans" Data Key Names="Van Id" Auto Generate Columns="False" Css Class="wa Grid View" Allow Paging="True" Show Footer="true" Horizontal Align="Center"" Select Command="SELECT Van Id, Vendor Van No, Vendor Code, Start Date, End Date, Status, Active FROM dbo. Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" Delete Command="Delete from dbo.

If I debug, inside of Row Updating, Grid View Update Event Args. Question: How do I let my gridview know I want it to update this column?

I encourage you to still read this article to get an overview of the rationale behind the custom Grid View control and to understand the initial architecture. NET 2.0, the Grid View control serves as a much more functional and feature-rich choice.

Basically: the value from the Check Box is not sent back to be updated.

you will need to set the Update Parameter for "Available" manually, and a good event would be the Row Updating event of the Grid View, as: give you Check Box an ID: My database datatype for available is "int" i am trying to do protected void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) but i dont know what i have todo i am trying to update one row becoz in the gridview properties i have enabled editing and deleting which it has automatically created update button but i am able to get the data but cont able to update the the checkbox and able to update rest of my fields in gridview slow down! Checked For your Command, you're advised to use Parameters, refer: set Book_Id as Data Key Names in the Grid View: so now, in the Row Updating event, you'd get it as: string Book_Id = Grid View1.

Vans set Vendor Van [email protected] Van No, Vendor [email protected] Code, [email protected], [email protected], Start [email protected] Date, End [email protected] Date where Van [email protected] Id" "ag******" wrote: The delete method in your code uses the same WHERE condition as the Update.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Msdn Web site. Helllo there Really important and very urgent I am new to programming i am trying to update my checkbox column in a gridview which i cont I can able to get the data 1 or 0 in database and able to update the checkbox as checked or unchecked my code is what's the data type for 'Available' in the database table? To String(); EDIT: also, instead of Convert To Bool(Eval("Available")) use Convert.When I try to add another checkbox column, the sql database isn't updated properly with a 0/1 or false/true but with null. Hi everyone, I have a gridview where I am using the update.

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