Cam2cam datign chat

As if that isn’t frightening enough, what if you were in a foreign country with very little personal contact?

This is the set-up of Cam2Cam, a new thriller by director Joel Soisson set against the backdrop of Thailand’s video sex chat community.

All in all, Cam2Cam is a film that really misses the mark on all fronts.

There just isn’t much to recommend outside of the opening scene with Jade Tailor as Lucy and Sarah Bonrepaux’s performance as Marit.

She has been talking with a woman regularly and is excited to see what tonight has in store.

The camera loves the walls but hates the action when it comes to kills. It is effective for the opening scene but leaves a lot to be desired after that point.

The script is hampered by a lack of conviction and that in turn I believe hurts the actor’s performances.

All focus is lost and the film never really comes back together.

The biggest problem with the is that it straddles the middle without committing to any one genre.

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