Etc need updating gentoo

1) Replace original with update 2) Delete update, keeping original as is 3) Interactively merge original with update 4) Show differences again Please select from the menu above (-1 to ignore this update): /etc/conf.d/._cfg0000_clock /etc/conf.d/clock /etc/conf.d/clock.merged Merging /etc/conf.d/._cfg0000_clock and /etc/conf.d/clock # set CLOCK to "local". Note that if you dual boot with Wind 1) Replace /etc/conf.d/clock with merged file 2) Show differences between merged file and original 3) Remerge original with update 4) Edit merged file 5) Return to the previous menu Please select from the menu above (-1 to exit, losing this merge): The following is the list of files which need updating, each configuration file is followed by a list of possible replacement files.

It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally - - filter-aaaa : Enable filtering of AAAA records over IPv4 - - fixed-rrset : Enables fixed rrset-order option - - geoip : Add geoip support for country and city lookup based on IPs - - gost : Enables gost Open SSL engine support - - gssapi : Enable gssapi support - - idn : Enable support for Internationalized Domain Names - - ipv6 : Add support for IP version 6 - - json : Enable JSON statistics channel - - ldap : Add LDAP support (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) - - mysql : Add my SQL Database support - - nslint : Build and install the nslint util - - odbc : Add ODBC Support (Open Data Base Connectivity) - - postgres : Add support for the postgresql database - - python : Add optional support/bindings for the Python language python_targets_python2_7 : Build with Python 2.7 python_targets_python3_3 : Build with Python 3.3 - - python_targets_python3_4 : Build with Python 3.4 - - rpz : Enable response policy rewriting (rpz) - - seccomp : Enable seccomp for system call filtering ssl : Add support for Secure Socket Layer connections - - static-libs : Build static versions of dynamic libraries as well threads : Add threads support for various packages.

If such a conflict exists in the dependencies of two different packages, then those packages can not be installed simultaneously.

You may want to try a larger value of the --backtrack option, such as --backtrack=30, in order to see if that will solve this conflict automatically.

If your clock is set to the local time, then -# set CLOCK to "local". Note that if you dual boot with Windows, then # you should set it to "local".

-CLOCK="local" CLOCK="UTC" # If you wish to pass any other arguments to hwclock during bootup, # you may do so here.

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