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Nazi ideology also targeted Roma (Gypsy) women, Polish women, and women with disabilities living in institutions.Certain individual camps and certain areas within concentration camps were designated specifically for female prisoners.In ghettos and concentration camps, German authorities deployed women in forced labor under conditions that often led to their deaths.German physicians and medical researchers used Jewish and Roma (Gypsy) women as subjects for sterilization experiments and other unethical human experimentation.The Nazi regime targeted all Jews, both men and women, for persecution and eventually death.

Some women were leaders or members of ghetto resistance organizations. Others engaged in resistance inside the concentration camps.Other women were able to survive when the SS camp authorities deployed them in clothing repair, cooking, laundry, and housecleaning detachments.Women played an important role in various resistance activities.The Germans and their collaborators spared neither women nor children—Jewish or non-Jewish—in conducting mass murder operations.Nazi ideology promoted the complete annihilation of all Jews, regardless of age or gender.

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