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Should correct issues found in RTTY Roundup (Coded by N1MM) 3.89 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.6977SO2R: Added "Minimum SO2R Switchover Time" to SO2R menu.

This is in anticipation of SO2R-capable amplifiers that need more time when switching between radios.

(N3RD)(Coded by N1MM) REF contest: Added note about adding "REF-SECTION: DX/Section" to the Cabrillo file header (G4ETS) (coded by NA3M) UDC: "Digital Mode Sql String = True" will now combine not 4 but 10 digi modes together (see _UDC_Help.txt) (G4OGB) (coded by NA3M) 3.90 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.7026Fix issues with band AMQ band selection with dark skins (LY5T) (Coded by N1MM) Increase amount of time allowed starting Airspy server (Coded by N1MM) When baud rate could not be set, display a message asking if the user has the correct driver installed (Coded by N2IC) Digital: When Tiny FSK window is select and window scrolling is set to non-scrolling clear up Tiny Fsk window so output is not jumbled up.

(Coded by N2AMG) Digital Setup: Remove Minimize and Maximize buttons.

(W6US)(Coded by K3CT) AZ QSO Party: Changed to Cabrillo 3.0.

(Coded by K3CT) Function key editor: Apply color scheme (LY5T) (Coded by N1MM) Info Window: Runtime error when changing contests with Networking enabled.

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(Coded by N2AMG) Call Stacking: If the program changes from Run to S&P, clear and close the callstack window.

(Coded by N2AMG) Multipliers: Fix runtime error in window with no mults yet.

(N3XF) (Coded by N1MM) UDC: new value "Last Call Suff" added to /Default Contest Exchange/ parameter to allow sending suffix of the callsign from previous QSO as exchange (UA9CDC) (coded by NA3M) Fix problems when using CW Window with Dueling CQ or Focus On Other Radio Always Swap.

(WD5DBV) (Coded by N2IC) Close Winkey when exiting N1MM .

(K6DGW) (Coded by N2IC) 3.92 MB N1MM Logger Update 1.0.7047UDC: allow fractional part in Power Mult (for example: Power Mult = QRP, 3, LP, 1.5, HP, 1) (coded by NA3M) REF: change to use Cabrillo 3.0 (Coded by N1MM) REF: Log window editing issue for non-ref side fixed (UA9LAO) (coded by NA3M) Footswitch: Comment out debug code change.

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