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But remember just use the menu to show the contacts which have no photo.

This app will give you the feature like lock phone calls, identify spam & robocalls, call block, calls blacklist, and more. Just update your contacts with photos & info from Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus, Whatsapp, Twitter and more.

Uber Sync is the simple and minimal app and it will allow you want to sync all your contacts from Facebook, Whatsapp, and more but it will only sync users that also use this app or if they manually authorized this app to read it’s profile.

Hi, I'm new to the i Phone and have the i Phone 5C. What's more, you can backup contacts and restore them at any time right from your i Phone.

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I am facing an issue like the contact pictures are not automatically updated on my phone with change in FB contact picture. Do you know that you can now use Whats App Profile Photos and assign them to your Phone Contacts? Ever since Facebook Acquired Whatsapp, the messaging giant is continuing rolling out new features every day and then.Recently, Whats App Video Calling Feature is rolled out in latest Whats App beta version. How to Create Whats App Backup of Chats Using Google Drive Now, let’s move on to our topic to save Whats App contacts profile photos to the phone contacts? I have contacts with photos on the Exchange and the contact details sync fine but not the contact pictures- they do not sync from Exchange to Desire. If there's no picture, you may get a blank as you describe. Thanks ls1971, it is not the facebook or gmail contacts, I do not sync them. I get the contact pictures from my Exchange account but if a duplicate Gmail or Facebook account exits, their picture seems to be the default unless you force it.

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