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It was also in college that I first heard discussions of pansexuality and asexuality.

That I learned, and acknowledged, that sexuality is a spectrum experienced differently by different people.

We all know Jennifer Aniston, either as Rachel (34C-23-35) on the hit show Friends, or as Brad Pitt’s ex-wife.

She also happens to be the tenth richest female entertainer in 2007, according to Forbes.

Sometimes I don’t want to deal with accusations of transphobia or discussions of privilege that revolve, at their heart, around erasure.

But ultimately, it’s a label I want to claim for myself, and I’m trying to learn to hold onto that.

Also pictured inside: Mariah shopping around town that afternoon while getting some last minute gifts.

She also shared the below photo of them all in the snow.

Were we flirting with each other or just – that word again – Around this time, a guy confronted me in class to claim he knew I was a lesbian. I laughed him off, mostly amused because the girl he claimed to have seen me kissing Later on, in high school, I asked a guy to the Tolo dance (women ask men) and I remember feeling weird – in a good way – when we got to the slow dancing part.

Mariah Carey poses for a cute photo with Santa Claus and her twins while celebrating Christmas Eve on Sunday (December 24) in Aspen, Col.

The 47-year-old singer is spending the holiday in the snow town with her six-year-old kids, Monroe and Moroccan.

Still, I had a language to describe what I was feeling – or what I thought I might be feeling.

My parents, when I announced that I thought I might be gay, hastened to tell me that it might just be a phase.

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