Drupal rss feed not updating irridating aluminum

You would create a new feeds importer by going to , where you would give it a reasonable name and description. Under “Attach to content type”, choose “Departmental feed”.Set the periodic import to “Every 1 day”; a few hours’ delay between an event’s posting on the source departmental site and when it appears on the language center’s site isn’t a problem. The default fetcher (HTTP), parser (Common syndication parser) and processor (node) settings are correct for this example.After six months, the nodes created by this feed will be deleted.

Different departments have different conventions for marking events.The alter hooks are standard fare – they are invoked after all construction hooks have been called and allow a module to alter the provided items.The Views RSS contrib module provides great scaffolding for quickly extending the standard Views feed mechanism.Some prefix event announcements with “Event”, some use “Events”, and some just mention the words “lecture” or “talk” in the title.You would need to create two content types: “Departmental feed” and “Departmental event”.

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