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The MORA that was created after the battle of Stenyklaros was sporting the full sized black wild boar because Hercules had sacrificed a boar where the battle that subjugated Messsenia took place.

This unit was last to be created in the Archai Period.

The King is represented in pottery and sculptures with traverse crest and currying the solar symbol of Sparta as depicted in a plaque found by the British Archeological school in 1916.

According to Plutarch he has two bodyguards who are Olympic champions and carry olive wreaths on their helmets.

These rugged tough oxen were in existence in Greece up to the early 20th century amd their distant cousins are still found in the Strymon Area in Northern Greece.

In cape Tainaro dominating the Area was the Temple of Poseidon Tauraos.

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The MORA of Elos had the bull’s head with its horns downwards.Also according to a legend given by Arnovius Zeus in the form of a bull came from the sea and mated with Demetra in the Elos area and sired Persehpone.The MORA of Geronthrae near modern Mystras was a center of the Ares cult.This was our main source for depicting and reconstructing the Lakedemonian Classical warrior.Then in 1916 the British Archeological School excavated the shrine of Artemis Orthia and found a number of lead «seals» that had to be shield devices.

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