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Touching upon how he has copied De Villiers, Smith said, "I've copied a bit of what AB de Villiers does.The way I go back and across to open myself up and set myself for the shots.More so when the ball is reversing." Smith also said he has attempted the way Williamson's plays a late dab that sends the ball racing past the slip cordon."A few years ago I tried to bat like Kane Williamson and play the ball really late," he reminisced.

However, if you want a Webcam right now and don't have an extra to laying around for one, why not use your Android device instead?

"A little bit of Virat [Kohli] the way he plays spin, his hands and the way he hits the ball through the offside. You try and get whatever you can out of them," he candidly admitted.

"In places like India, for instance, I open my hands up a little bit.

This is not only for security reasons (as you'll likely want to keep your Webcam private), but also because the adapter will occasionally not work without setting up log-in credentials.

Step 2: Head to the IP address that appears at the bottom of the screen on your Android device in Chrome or Firefox.

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