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It would therefore seem to me incorrect to describe a woman who has been involved with both men and women as “straight”.

But couldn’t one rightly describe such a woman as to mean someone “attracted to the same sex” without any implication about a lack of attraction to the opposite sex. Do some people, sources, and so on make this distinction in meaning?

The two words vary somewhat in connotation and register, so they are not exact synonyms, but neither one suggests significant homosexual activity, nor do they rule out past or incidental homosexual activity. The corresponding situation in which homosexual activity predominates has also been described, termed homoflexibility.

If you would like a term that specifically suggests more openness to homosexuality, consider Heteroflexibility is a form of a sexual orientation or situational sexual behavior characterized by minimal homosexual activity despite a primarily heterosexual sexual orientation that is considered to distinguish it from bisexuality. So this phone call today concerns Hippie Johnny./He's always stoned; he's never straight./I saw you today, you know, walk by with Hippie Johnny./Look, I had to call up and say, I want to take his place./See, he's stoned—Hippie Johnny./Now get this: I'm straight, and I want to take his place.../Now I've watched you walk around here.

When their relationship became more serious and their chatting increasingly explicit, Hayden enlisted the help of MTV's 'Catfish: The TV Show' to facilitate a meeting and help take things to the next stage.

certainly means “exclusively attracted to the opposite sex.” Thus, a “straight” woman is attracted only to men and never to women.

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So, you could have a 'straight' homosexual, or a 'kinky' homosexual."Straight" and "Heterosexual" are clearly not etymological synonyms, even in the context of sexuality as they arose quite separately and are only loosely tied in certain contexts (but never equivalent, in my opinion)."Straight" is many times employed in a moral sense for much more than sexuality; "Nah, man, I'm straight" can be a refutation of drugs as well.That is, if a person is described as either, they are assumed to be exclusively attracted to the opposite gender; if a relationship is described as such ("He's in a heterosexual relationship right now"), generally it only implies that this particular relationship is one between a male and a female.In terms of expressing attraction to one gender without further implications: "gynephilic" and "androphilic" and/or "gynesexual" and "androsexual" are words that are often used, or simply "men who have sex with men" (edit: note that this refers to action and not attraction, which appears to be your intention) as has been mentioned, since it makes no mention of sexual orientation.

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