Outlook not updating exchange

mobileme, gmail, yahoo) those events won't sync via an i Tunes tethered sync.Outlook 2007 is supported to sync by i Tunes so they should be syncing both ways.

If events are created in a calendar that syncs over the air (i.e.

I have an exchange 2010 environment, and clients running outlook 2007 with cached exchange mode turned on.

An issue has been highlighted where several users are not in the global address list, its just two users in particular, who were created about 2 weeks ago, and they dont appear.

All of the sudden, the events were all syncing both ways. So, in final, make sure that with the i Phone 4/4S (i OS5) that you have i Cloud set up TOTALLY.

My boss hadn't finished the process of creating his own "i Cloud", therefore his i Phone wasn't able to send "i Cloud" events to Outlook, because his PC had no clue what to do with i Cloud, since the Control Panel installed.

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