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The former sailor spent a year in a Massachusetts federal prison for his crime.His lawyer, Ronald Daigle, told Fox that he believed Saucier was a 'political pawn' to be made an example of, as two other Alexandria crew members were caught taking photos at the same locations and were punished, but never prosecuted.New details emerged on Tuesday about the circumstances of how he survived undetected for seven days.Mims apparently suffered from mental health problems that went untreated by counselling professionals on board, according to the Navy Times.The president brought up Saucier's case again this week 'Crooked Hillary Clinton's top aid[e], Huma Abedin, has been accused of disregarding basic security protocols,' Trump wrote. 'We're hopeful with that tweet today,' he told the network.

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The investigation found that Mims’ superiors failed to see the warning signs that they were dealing with a troubled sailor.

On Friday, the State Department released a cache of Abedin's emails that were stored on Weiner's laptop, including at least five emails determined to be classified. Saucier said he believed Abedin should be prosecuted.

A total of eight pages had been classified at the 'confidential' level, the third most sensitive labeling the U. 'She should be put through the same legal system that went after me, and unfortunately I didn't have near the legal resources that she does or Hillary Clinton does, so they'll be able to mount a much better defense than I could, but even still, they should be charged the same as me,' Saucier said.

Saucier's case was prompted when a cell phone belonging to the sailor was found in a dumpster in March 2012 by the supervisor of a town dump in Connecticut.

That individual found photos Saucier had taken aboard the Alexandria and alerted his friend, a retried Navy chief, who in turn took the images to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, who eventually contacted the FBI.

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