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Wechat official accounts get propagandized during dissemination.

Content marketing becomes crucial in Wechat social marketing, you will lose the trust from Wechat subscribers if all you have is intriguing or misleading title.

Finding and adding friends on We Chat, however, may not be so obvious, especially to new users. You can search for friends by looking up their We Chat IDs or their phone numbers directly, or you can link your phone address book to let We Chat find your friends for you with Recommended.

The obvious first step is to make sure you have the latest version of We Chat downloaded onto your device.

People Nearby lets you discover and add users in your area, many of which might even be friends you recognize. Shake takes a more interactive approach to adding contacts. When it comes to adding contacts, We Chat is probably the most interactive out of all of the messaging and calling apps we cover, and includes far more options than simply adding someone from your address book, by ID, or in your area.

Tencent’s We Chat app is one of the most popular applications on the market, with over 400 million registered users.With better user experience, Wechat grasps their hearts in this information explosion era.When users browse friend circle, they could share their interested content to their friend circle, and send it to their friends or check the public account.Every single one of the above options are also available to Windows Phone users by simply scrolling to the discover section, as shown in the screenshot.Windows Phone in particular also has a neat Drift Bottle option, which allows you to connect with random users from all over the world by sending out a message in a bottle.

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    Video chat is built upon latest technology and is supported in most browser making a direct connection with you without the need of server, so you have peace of mind that noone but the intended recipient is receiving it..

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