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As society grew more complex, the consolidated and simplified hunter/gatherer lesson was corrupted.

For example, diamond jewelry is expensive, whereas cubit zirconium (CZ) jewelry is cheap.

The feelings you expereince now are really very familiar to me.

Caroline Hey Acting Rogue, I think I understand you pretty good.

I have no religious affiliation, and I am very attractive, but the truth is that relationships scare me. It’s gotten so bad that the first blush of romantic tingles can literally make me sick to my stomach with fear. Since then, I simply can’t muster the nerve to try again, and I was a bit of an introvert to start with. This sounds fairly detached and diagnostic but, from speaking to most people, they agree with what I did. Then I had enough confidence ( and I suppose I never really lost it but wo served if things might be the same) to say hello to girls on a night out and ask for a number.

In my very limited experience with them, men crush me emotionally. But I am lonely, and I do long for someone to be with, to pick up the slack, to keep me company and laugh at my jokes. If it was me I would go right back out and forget that the other two experiences ever happened... Let all the woman that is trapped inside of you loose.... And, for a guy this is hard ( a genuine guy) because I would t ask for a number unless I really liked them.

Also, don't let your negative thoughts control you - staying in bed and feeling miserable will not help, cause the guy wll not appear by himself.Men were the hunters, and women were the gatherers.Hence, men instinctually love hunting, and the male brain thrives on the neurochemical rewards of capture, i.e., dopamine and serotonin.Now, you might have net a few good guys but you might not live yourself yet ( and I don't mean sex/ vanity) but you need to be so happy in your own skin. Avoid the temptation to goto Facebook on your phone and just sit there and enjoy things - people watch.Here's a great test- go to a coffee shop - smile on your way there and be thankful for all the good things in your life. Do it a few times and if you feel confident, say hello to someone in the queue.

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