Shinhwa junjin dating

I don't want to make it an issue."Magazine staff commented that Junjin showed a different side to him than people can see on variety shows. Why would they ask If he had dated any fellow celebrities.; I remember HOT said Eric was the 2nd best fighter during their school days back in LA so, I would assume Junjin is talking about Eric.

SEE ALSO: Shinhwa hang out at home in fun new teaser for their 'Twenty Fan Party - All Your Dreams'On June 24, Daydream Entertainment stated, "We're for sure confirming that the rumors in 'Womens Sense' magazine are absolutely false.perhaps the article put up a story that's much more than just a simple dating news.....Shinhwa's Junjin opened up about dating and more for the October issue of 'Maxim' magazine.Media outlets are now reporting the two met around the beginning of 2014 at a friendly gathering, and quickly started god envelop a relationship.Jun Jin reportedly fell for Yoon Jin Yi’s bright and cheerful personality, while Yoon Ji Yi fell for his manly character.

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