Chat to hornies

Stacey has three sisters and five female cousins – all are hotties. ' "Sure." Stephanie and I hit the dance floor in front of the stage. "Stacey's gone for the weekend so I'm taking full advantage of it." I said.

Even my wife's mom turns heads at 57, but none of them can compare to Stephanie. I'm not much of a dancer, but I wasn't about to pass up an opportunity to get close to my hot sister-in-law. Then, looking her over once again I said, "You know something, Steph; I think that you just keep getting better and better looking every time I see you." "Yeah?

Two girls scattered to get out of the way as their drinks and chairs crashed to the floor. " Since Mike is 6' 6" 265lbs, I'm sure they thought that ganging up on Mike was the only way three average sized guys would stand a chance.

Each time he threw a punch I would see it coming, move my head and counter with a jab of my own.

I was winning the fight, but I still had to be careful.

A couple of months ago my wife's best friend, Amy had a baby.

Amy lives in a small town about two hours away from us, and my wife, Stacey insisted that she needed to be there in order to support her best friend.

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