Badoo dating in the whole world

And guys who have girlfriends who still bother you even afterwards it’s like fuck off. Liars, cheaters, douchbags, morons,dickheads, uneducated pricks FUCKOFF!!!!!!

Believe it or not but we are not waiting by our phones waiting for that text or email or phone call to come through.

By the time I got to Rome dating apps existed and I was curious to try them out!

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Online dating to me is a hassle having to explain to people the same record player shit. It’s always the same crap 💩 but a different pile but usually with the same results.

We pick our selves up dust our shoulders off and we move the fuck on with our lives smarter, stronger and wiser.

I would rather be single and alone with family and friends then keep putting up with the same shit! I know there are decent people out there and yea sure maybe there is a few decent people online but I know for sure there isn’t many.

Sure it’s nice to let fate play its cards and meet people by chance, it’s also sometimes great to leave it up to the experts.

I think a mixture of proactivity, inactivity and an open mind is the best combo when you’re looking for love, and seeing as I am a well-balanced and open-minded kinda gal I am going to share some of my lovely dating experiences with you, in chronological order of course…My first experience of long-distance love happened way before dating apps existed with a dashing Italian man in Dublin’s fair city!

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