Who is tony romo dating now

Furthermore, there was a false rumor in the past suggesting him to be a gay.

It’ll be then Jason Garrett holds his first team meeting of 2017.

Apart from his professional career, he has been actively participating in the community works. As of now, the net worth of Tony is about million. There is a rumor floating about Tony’s professional career.

Many people are talking that Tony will return to the field despite his retirement. However, Tony only can decide whether he will return or not. In addition, there was a recent controversial topic relating to Tony. However, many other details of his body measurement are currently unavailable.

As Joel Curry of CBS Sports notes, “a logical ending point to Romo’s days in Dallas” should be April 17 — or any time before the date on which the Cowboys get going. And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stated the window for the team’s Romo decision doesn’t close until the start of training camp in late July.

But to Curry’s point, it would seem of interest to all involved parties if the saga’s end comes sooner rather than later.

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