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Overall a very overlooked club with great potential if you're fluent in The Tongue Pop. You probably want to drink pints of Magners and watch the latest GAA match with others from rural Tyrone who have made the move to the Big Smoke for uni.Unless it’s a Wednesday night that is, and you’re pre-ing in your Holylands house in your best boot cut jeans (that your mum ironed for you), ready to hit up Bot Wednesdays.The dance floor is about the size of a 20p and although the music is good, you WILL hear the same songs at the same time every week.The club really comes alive in all its geek glory when the neck beards joyously chorus along to Smash Mouth's All Star, with exaltations of Shrek quotes which were once funny and now just irritate. The clientele of Filthies is probably the most diverse in Belfast, ranging from middle-aged couples and hipster wannabees, to the teenage sesh lovers at Craics 90 looking to fill the void Box left after it closed in July.If you like the Limelight rock scene but fancy a more adult crowd, Voodoo is your place.Fly Mondays are no longer, TIME has moved on (ey ey) and created a new reason to be Hungover on Tuesdays.Just like the looky looky man on holiday with his knock- off designer bags, Alibi is full of those not quite North Down enough to pay the £10 into Ollies, yet also too important to grace the door of somewhere ‘common’ such as, dare I say it, Limelight.Flaming bottles of Prosecco and cornered off seating give an extra special edge to your highly rehearsed Instagram pics, as does the ball pit.

And sure you can always get a Boojum on the way home to Botanic.Unfortunately, everyone that goes here is on a quest to out-edge one another, vigorously side-stepping to whatever beat the DJs play while pretending they're not middle class.But don't let that put you off, there are some genuinely nice people here and the bouncers are sound.Once a well loved 'quirky' spot, Cuckoo is now known as the Geekeasy – and for good reason.If you like your cheap drinks with a side of neck beard, this bar is almost certainly for you.

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