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Read an article about Middle Woodland sites: Article 1 or Article 2.

This time period appears almost as a decline in terms of pottery decoration and design.

A significant change in the tool technology is reflected by arrow points.

Variations in pottery styles, burial practices, and stone tools may reflect eight or nine distinct Missouri tribes.

A variety of new tool types (Nebo Hill lanceolate, Sedalia lanceolates, Smith basal notched, Table Rock stemmed, Stone square stemmed, Big Sandy notched, Etley, and Afton points) appear during this period.

Almost all Native American sites in Missouri pre-date 1800.

Site age is determined mainly by radiocarbon dating of charcoal or bone.

This period marks the first documented use of domesticated plants: squash ().

Social changes occurred during the Late Archaic period, as reflected by the first large village sites and elaborate burial rituals.

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