Mother and daughter owned dating service

I started to explain that I had sexual needs also but did not want to have this come between us.I noticed her glancing at my hard cock, I thought about sitting back behind the desk to hide it, but I decided to see where my cock would take me.She was now trembling terribly so I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet gave her a big hug, kissed her neck, she smelled wonderful and told her so, I then kissed her neck and she moaned and asked her if the really wanted to go through with this, she whispered in my ear “oh god yes”.I reached for her face with both hands and told her to relax and kissed her softly, she began to grind her skirted hips against my super hard cock.By now I had slid off the top of my desk and was just leaning against it and she slid to the edge of her chair and started to rub the large outline of my cock through my pants, reached up to undo my belt and unbutton my pants than stopped to make me promise that I would leave Shelly alone, I replied with my assurance.Then she proceeded to tell me that it had been a while for her and that her ex husband made her feel very unattractive, I put 2 fingers up to her mouth to let her know nothing had to be said.Until recently I owned and operated my own online sales an customer service business, the business was small, about 35 employees mostly women. Last summer at the company picnic I gave motorcycle rides to some of the employees who had never been on a Harley, everything was going well until the daughter of one of my employees who was 22 I think asked for a ride, I was getting tired but I said yes.So I explained what things to do and what things not to do while riding, mostly safety information.

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And once again I pressed my 2 fingers to her lips to reassure her.She sat there for a while and asked if there were long term plans with Shelly, I said no, just sex.I could feel my cock filling up with bl**d thinking I could fuck Shelly and keep Ann working for me.Shelly was an average looking girl, sort of thin, red hair, and a great ass.I had been riding for about 5 or 6 minutes and started to hear little moans come from her every time we he a little bump in the road and I told her to hold on tight because we were coming to a part of the road with a lot of pot holes and then I hit one and she let out a scream, and moved her hands from my side to around my mid section, and a few minutes later I hit the next and she said she was scared and wanted to go back.

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