Highest rated dating sites

Features: Tinder allows users to browse a variety of singles in their area via simplistic profiles that feature several photos and a brief bio.

Also, because Plentyof Fish is free, it has to include adverts in its service, which means a less streamlined, clunkier interface for the user.

With the Elite Singles app, paying users can expect a smooth, ad free experience with a highly intuitive interface.

Features: Happn takes a slightly different approach to dating, putting proximity first.

This means that the only service provided is through the app, and there is no desktop version available.

The Elite Singles app sits comfortably alongside the desktop version, meaning that you can use our services in whichever way suits you best.

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    Perhaps their introduction or 'About-Us' pages or other relevant pages could give you some background information of this specific Dating Agency, which could give you a 'good' or perhaps 'wrong' feeling about this site and their services.

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    Main target of this site is to focus on SERIOUS dating and commitment.