Updating your ompf

Meaning that a Soldier MUST be physically in Afghanistan (Iraq) to be awarded the ACM (ICM).Being assigned, attached, or mobilized to units operating in the AOE still refers to the Soldier physically being with the unit in the country.Go to your S1 with the supporting documents (if you dont have them, then youll have to wait until you do)..update your ERB, whatever they cannot update they will send up to higher ups to get updated (in Huachuca it would be Records at Whitside Hall)Originally posted by Trans Am95NCO:are you back in huachuca? There are no more PSB's, at least there shouldnt be. REF(C) IS MARADMIN 498/13, OFFICIAL- MILITARY PERSONNEL FILE (OMPF) PHOTOGRAPH GUIDANCE// POC/J. DO NOT SUBMIT PHOTOS OF DOCUMENTS TAKEN FROM A SMART DEVICE, AS IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OUR SYSTEM. MMRP-50 CAREER COUNSELING AND EVALUATION UNIT (1)PHONE NUMBERS COMM: 703-784-9241/9281/9282 OR TOLL FREE 1-800-833-2320. SHATTUCK/GS-14/MMRP-60/-/TEL:(703)784-3931/EMAIL: JEFFREY. IF A PHOTO OF A DOCUMENT IS SUBMITTED IT WILL BE DESTROYED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION TO THE MEMBER. (2)HOMEPAGE: , SELECT "ACTIVE MARINE," "MANPOWER MANAGEMENT (MM)," THEN "RECORDS AND PERFORMANCE BRANCH (MMRP)," THEN "MMRP-50 OFFICER-ENLISTED CAREER COUNSELING." FROM THIS HOMEPAGE, ACTIVE DUTY MARINES CAN GET MORE INFORMATION ON RECEIVING CAREER COUNSELING GUIDANCE AND PREPARING FOR A BOARD. Your Fiber Optics class would have given you an (ASI) (Additional Skill Identifier) of 1I, not an (SQI) Special Qualifications Identifier.SQI's are like things like P for Parachutist or G for Ranger.

For me its been about 1/2 the stuff actually hits my OMPF with out me going in and updating it. I asked my squad leader here about it and he said S-1 is suppose to update it.Also, I took a fiber optics class spring of last year.It should be updates ATL LEAST before your E-5 board.I would go to PSB, being that S-1 can only do certain sections, and take all paperwork need to back everything you say up.

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