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We believe part of the fun of travel is immersing yourself in the destination and its culture, meeting the people, and learning what makes the place tick.

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Walk under the shadows of giant trees and be soothed by the soft sound of waterfalls in the Atlantic forest on the mountains between Corcovado (with the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer on top) and Rio de Janeiro’s legendary beaches.

The aerial view over the city is breathtakingly beautiful and the concrete skyscrapers that dominate the skyline of city are among its major attractions.

With so many things to see and explore, it is very difficult to ignore this city, it really deserves a visit and you may well find it difficult to drag yourself away. Book first class flights bound to Rio and have an amazing journey.

There might be a few language barriers or unfamiliar cultural customs, and you’ll get an experience different from what you're used to at home. We’re going to take you down streets you’d rarely explore on your own, introduce you to local customs and languages, and take you for a ride in whatever transport is available. You can expect a bit of physical activity, but nothing overly challenging – perhaps walking up and down hills, riding a bike for up to 30 kilometers along mostly flat terrain, or jumping in a kayak for a gentle paddle on flat water. These tours are our most challenging and involve intense walking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, or bike riding.

You could be making steep climbs by foot or pedal, or working your core in the water.

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