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The woman who won a date with him ended up backing out, saying she found him "creepy."Her intuition probably saved her life. Steve Braccini: We'll never know how many women are lucky …

'Cause every woman that crossed that guy's path was a potential victim.

Police say a photographer and one-time contestant on "The Dating Game" was also a chameleon and a serial killer -- perhaps the deadliest in U. history -- and investigators are unsure if they will ever know how many victims he left behind In Los Angeles in 1968, 8-year-old Tali Shapiro was walking to school when a car pulled up alongside her. And I had received a call, a beige-colored car with no license plates following this little girl. And they looked up and said, "Oh my gosh, that's Mr. He took the deal, but the judge's sentence stunned those working the case. and the parole board let him go after 34 months after what he did to Tali Shapiro.

Chris Camacho | Former detective, LAPD: I was out doing my patrols. Steve Hodel | Former detective, LAPD: A Good Samaritan, a witness, sees the little girl, the little 8-year-old Tali get in the car. Camacho began frantically searching the house for her attacker. So less than three years later, Rodney Alcala was a free man again.

Bridget Wilvurt: I could definitely see a gentleman with dark hair. And Robin goes, "Sure." And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, pops up Jackie Young, my neighbor. Police continually questioned the one person they thought might know where Robin could've gone: her best friend, Bridget.Mary Ellen O'Toole | Former FBI profiler: He was constantly in predatory mode. that is behavior that involves hunting human beings and that's part of a serial sexual killer. is often as exciting as the actual homicide and sexual assault. Kathy Thornton contacted police departments, federal agencies and hospitals. Kathy Thornton: This is a letter I sent to the FBI.At the same time Rodney Alcala was on the road, a 29-year-old woman from Texas, Christine Ruth Thornton, was traveling through the West with her boyfriend. In 1989 I contacted the Department of Human Services ……get it -- get it cleared out."But what Alcala didn't know was that police had found a receipt for the locker during a search of his home at the time of his arrest. It was February 1980 when Rodney Alcala went on trial.Matt Murphy: Over the course of two-and-a-half months, there were almost 50 witnesses that testified. The jury convicted Alcala and sentenced him to death. Marianne Connelly: You know there's only one perpetrator, a little stone, but the ripples keep going and there's victims and victims and victims and victims.

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