Online dating icebreaker

Whether it’s a bizarre tale of getting a straw lodged in their nose as a kid or spring break mishap in undergrad, everyone has a good “ouch! It’s a topic that’s guaranteed to get a dialogue going.This is a step up from the typical “What kind of music do you listen to?Striking up a conversation about dating disasters can help nip any tension in the bud.After all, you’re just two strangers doing your best to connect, so acknowledging the situation—awkwardness, platitudes, and the possibility that both parties are perhaps just going through the motions—might have an outcome that surprises you. While you want to know everything about the other person, take it slow.This may sound self-explanatory, but it’s easy to lose yourself when you’re head over heels.It could be easily misconstrued as cooling interest.Explain to them, if you must, why you suddenly took a week to reply. When you’ve been chatting for hours it’s exciting, isn’t it?

It can make you appear superficial and you run the risk of mentioning something they may be self-conscious of. Pay attention to their comments and share your thoughts on them if there are chances to.You get bonus points for being able to bring up more common interests or sharing insights on matters important to the both of you.Tip: Wait a few days before bringing up sensitive topics.Imagine this scenario: you click on a promising online profile and read through his or her bio.In your head, the boxes check and you hover over the ‘Chat’ button in hopes to find out more about this dream person but then you freeze – what exactly do you say?

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