Why is validating data important

“Xenomorph’s Time Scape is a robust and scalable OTC enabling technology; the flexible data model and subsequent data accessibility are key factors in our ability to support the use of OTC instruments.” Gareth Exell, Head of IT Strategy Insight Investment “We needed a data management solution which was capable of handling large data volumes and could scale with our business needs.

With the number of instruments we are managing set to increase further, Xenomorph’s Time Scape provides us with a flexible, centralized data management platform.” Peter Westhphal, Project Manager Risk Control Team, LBBW “Time Scape is able to handle data related to complex data structures, such as volatility surfaces for any asset class or correlation matrixes on credit spreads.

A value should not be updated on one screen and display an older value on another one.

Following that, Select statements can be used to retrieve the DB data to see if the trigger was successful in performing the intended operation.b) The second way to test this is to directly load the data that would invoke the trigger and see if it works as intended.4) Stored procedures are more or less similar to user-defined functions.

These can be invoked by Call Procedure/Execute Procedure statements and the output is usually in the form of result sets.

That’s why we developed Time Scape EDM to be business-ready – with an open architecture to ensure front office professionals always have access to clean, enriched data and analytics; delivered via their choice of interface.

Having access to clean, validated data is absolutely essential for risk managers.

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