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(And here's one more confusing thing: the town is Jackson, the valley is Jackson Hole, but the webcam is dubbed "Jackson Hole Town Square," so really, call it whatever you want.) This isn't my first rodeo -- er, live webcam.I watched the corpse flower bloom in New York and spied on random strangers strolling through the Minnesota State Fair in my home state (sadly, both webcams are offline now).If you're a fan of "Welcome to Night Vale," the podcast (and now book) about a strange Southwestern town with supernatural accents, you might find the feed and its comments as appealing as I do.I've been to Jackson Hole only once, for less than a day, and other than dozens of signs begging me to go whitewater rafting and a Pizza Hut that played death metal, I don't remember much about it. Check out the arch made of shed elk antlers in the middle of the feed -- there are four of those, marking the corners of George Washington Memorial Park.Watch her in this webcam session taking an enema and shitting on live scat cam. Fetish is a live fetish cam site that allows Internet users to ask webcam girls to partaking in naughty fetish requests via webcam! This sexy girl shits on live webcam after putting on her strap on and lingerie. Fetish is a live fetish cam site that allows Internet users to ask webcam girls to partaking in naughty fetish requests via webcam!

("ALL CARS ARE AN ABOMINATION UNTO THE ARCH," one viewer declared.) Probably the most well-known recurring theme is webcam viewers' love of red trucks.

Very few people outside the town itself would've known of those happenings, but for the fact that a simple webcam live-streaming footage of a Jackson intersection became a strange viral hit.

It's part of a Jackson Hole tourism website that includes more than 20 live cams.

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