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The small-town atmosphere, rural- residential character and associated quality of life will be sustained consistent with community plans. Use land use designations to limit the number of community-serving facilities located outside the Village.

Mono County will collaborate with applicable federal, state and local entities in pursuing this vision through citizen-based planning and efficient, coordinated permit processing. Locate community-serving commercial land uses in the June Lake Village.

An Area Plan must be internally consistent with the county General Plan, but need not address all the General Plan issues required by Government Code Section 65302, as long as the county General Plan satisfies those requirements. Development in the West Village/Rodeo Grounds should be coordinated through the specific plan process. When determined necessary, require new developers to fund increased law enforcement services. Provide residents and visitors with quality housing, a wide array of housing alternatives designed to promote unique experiences, and year-round housing stock; and promote adequate affordable housing.

Area Plans have been adopted for every major population center in the county with the exception of Paradise. Limit the amount of commercial square footage outside the June Lake Village. Promote planning studies that concentrate on reducing traffic congestion, enhancing the Village's pedestrian atmosphere and strengthening the commercial district. Through the specific plan process, develop the West Village/Rodeo Grounds into a well-coordinated resort area that provides a balance of resident and visitor housing in close proximity to recreational facilities and other activity centers. Specific plan(s) should provide for a balance between local housing and recreational/entertainment facilities, and locate intensive land uses in the least environmentally and visually sensitive areas. Study response times and the frequency of calls to determine the adequacy of law enforcement services.

General environmental information for the Area Plans is contained in the county Master Environmental Assessment (MEA). Maintain the June Lake Village as the Loop's commercial core by providing a wide range of commercial and residential uses in a pedestrian-oriented atmosphere. Minor projects adjacent to existing developed areas not requiring the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report may be permitted prior to the adoption of the Specific Plan. The overall density of the specific plan area should be limited to 10 units per acre. Assure the protection of life and property by maintaining an adequate level of law enforcement services. The county Master Environmental Assessment (MEA) summarizes existing land uses in the county, and outlines the plans, policies, and regulations currently affecting land use in the county. Where feasible, encourage the USFS to amend its permittee housing policies to accommodate rental housing. Provide residents and visitors with a level of community facilities that improves the self-sufficiency of June Lake by reducing the demand on community facilities located in outlying areas. The Issues section of this element identifies and analyzes opportunities and constraints that influence the future development potential of the county's unincorporated areas. If necessary, the County should reinstate the Housing Mitigation Ordinance that would provide housing for low- and moderate- income households. Otherwise it is discussed in other elements as follows: In addition to the countywide Land Use Element, land use in community areas is governed by Area Plans. Require future development projects with the potential for significant housing impacts to provide a fair share of affordable and workforce housing units; e.g., an amount sufficient to accommodate the housing demand created by the development project, as determined through a housing impact assessment or compliance with the Mono County Housing Mitigation Ordinance. Area Plans possess the same regulatory authority as the countywide land use policies, serving to further refine those policies to address the needs of a particular community or area. Ensure future development projects mitigate impacts to the local housing stock.

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