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php LD Mods by Bruleo Updated for Version 5 (11/29/2012) Already there are many mods available for php LD 5 Google Docs and Spreadsheets Importer (05/29/2012) Import documents and spreadsheets into php LD with ease.

Hide Affiliate Link Mod (03/25/2011) For all you affiliate marketers out there, he is a mod that has been requested many times.

Hi all, Some of you may remember me as the author of the Teleport Book mod over a year ago, which was finally added to the game recently by XL in 2.9.

I've re-written the Fo V mod so that it's compatible with the latest update,, and I've also integrated it into the Options - Screen page so you can more conveniently change your Fo V without restarting the game.

Edit: They were all recognized as enabled in the in-game mods overview I also have to add in that most manual mods (some mods that have files that you have to install manually instead of a .tmod) aren't working either.

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Directory Reports (11/15/2010) A great way to study information, locate problems and much more php LD Mod Control Panel (11/15/2010) What is so cool about this is you will be able to enable and disable mods from an admin interface.Tag Cloud Mod (07/13/2008) Allows you to place a cloud of popular keywords on your pages.Trusted User Status Mod (04/23/2008) This mod allows the admin to set trusted user status to a registered user.This could be for those of us who have performed modifications to share photos and info of One Mods for others.Additionally, will enable other users to see unofficial potential possibilities and expandability for their One product as well.

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