Updating a postal retirement

You've had years of experience and a stellar job record.So why don't employers look at your resume and want to hire you on the spot? The key to writing accomplishments is to focus on results.The latest extension of spending authority lapses at midnight next Friday (December 22) and with much of congressional attention focused on tax policy, little progress seems to have been made since the latest extension just ahead of the previous deadline of December 8.

Are there essential features, different approaches, and distinguishable paradigms to follow? Certainly, and again, accurately, the cases which impact Federal employees parallel Postal employees in their direct and residual effects, and vice versa. It is said that hair follicles and toenails continue to grow beyond the certainty of death; perhaps it is merely a myth, or a misperception as dehydration occurs and retraction of surrounding skin leaves the impression of growth and extension. Postal workers are still being sent home with summary dismissals based upon “unavailability of work,” and left to fend for themselves while receiving zero-balance paystubs for years, sometimes decades.

Until the nationwide interference by the NRP in “meddling” with a system that was working, the Postal Service was attempting to maintain the delicate balance between the Postal Service’s inherent need to remain productive and efficient on the one hand, and the rights of the Postal worker who had incurred a medical disability (the majority of which were OWCP-accepted, on-the-job injuries) but retained a desire to continue working.

But then, that has always been the case with Postal employees – that “quasi-Federal worker” who works for the only Constitutionally-recognized agency, but somehow is relegated as the second-class citizen in the complex universe of Federal systems, and left to consider the administrative procedures governing Federal Disability Retirement benefits for both Postal and Federal non-Postal employees.

Certainly, many of the appellate decisions handed down by the U. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, as well as by the U. It may well be that the issues remain fairly identical, but the circumstances which create the difficulties make for a distinguishing difference.

Postal employee enough to distinguish it from other Federal, non-Postal cases? Internal mechanisms unique to the Postal employee can have an impact upon how the U. Office of Personnel Management views, analyzes and evaluates a Federal Disability Retirement application submitted by a U. But temporary “light duty” assignments, or even “limited duty” assignments (whatever the conceptual differences are between the two), were deemed not to prevent a Federal or Postal employee from being eligible for Federal Disability Retirement benefits. Would such a Postal worker still qualify for Federal Disability Retirement benefits?

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