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One of the most common reasons why a kid doesn’t want to go to their other parents house for visitation is they’re leaving all of their stuff behind.

Apparently the idea of a Dad protecting his daughter and laying down some rules is not just an “American” cultural thing.

If you have thus far missed all the hub-bub, click this link to see the blog post that went round the world and stirred an interest.

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As the parent who is experiencing the problem of their child not wanting to come over, it’s time to get creative.Think of fun games and activities that your child enjoys and engage them in them.It doesn’t need to cost money, but it needs to be more than sitting around the house talking and watching movies.Seems like if we just “let things happen,” some of the really important things get squeezed out by the really urgent things.I know you would agree that your daughter is “really important.” Please don’t let the urgent issues at work or life take over. Press on Alan Smyth Click the banner below if you want to pick up our new book.

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