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For instance, calculating elliptical Fourier transforms on a configuration of landmarks would make no sense.

Momocs implement this desirable behavior and defines classes and subclasses, as S3 objects.

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Name: Wink Vid Quick Pitch: Wink Vid is a new way to meet singles in your area using live, one-to-one video chat.

In the last decade, R has become the open-source for statistics, and morphometrics known its so-called “revolution”.

Nevertheless, morphometric analyses still have to be carried out using various software packages either dedicated to a particular morphometric and/or for which source code is mostly unavailable and/or copyrighted.

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Also, only straight Wink Ups have been hosted so far, though we're betting that will change too as the site moves beyond its launch and testing phases. Biz Spark is a startup program that gives you three-year access to the latest Microsoft development tools, as well as connecting you to a nationwide network of investors and incubators.

Thus a researcher will find that just a few lines of code will provide initial results, but the methods implemented can be finely tuned and extended according to the user’s needs.

Keywords used all accross Momocs are introduced here in bold. No 3D yet but different families can be handled: outlines, here in a first-quarter moon ; open outlines, here is the sterile valve of an olive stone; configuration of landmarks; here, hologous points from a mosquito wing.

requires a (very small) cerebral gymnastics at the beginning but the benefits are huge, for defining moprhometric pipelines in Momocs but also for R as a whole.

It makes things clearer, it: saves typing; reduces intermediate variable assignation; reads from left to right; substantiates the pipe we (should) have in mind.

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