Rolleiflex dating

After a tumultuous history, Rollei managed to hold on and make Heidecke’s dream a reality. KG since 2015, they continue to produce premium quality camera and equipment.

From professionals to amateurs, Rollei has accumulated a devout following.

In 1981 the head approached the German government and requested that Rollei be put under voluntary administration which would allow them to carry on production.

Just one year later the company was split into three separate parts.

By 1974 banks owned 97% of the company and Rollei was dangerously close to bankruptcy.One of which is the development of the now legendary Rollei 35.This pocket-sized camera was the smallest of its day to use 35mm film.In 1923 they introduced their first roll-film camera, the Roll-film Heidoscop, which is where the name “Rollei” was eventually derived from as a shortened combination of the two terms.In 1929, after three years of development, their big hit, the Rolleiflex, was released.

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