Early stages of dating a guy

Among his absence you will also find him taking unannounced calls, canceling plans, or making bizarre excuses for his lateness.

If the distance is killing you and he doesn’t want to change, it might be time to cut the cord. He probably hasn’t even noticed that he’s been more absent if this is the case.

After several months of excitement, the hormones wear off and you might be asking yourself why you were attracted to this person in the first place.

Your time together is lovely and enjoyable and you are even making small plans for the future when *poof* he magically falls off the face of the planet?

If your boyfriend is dealing with a situation at work, he might just be distracted. A calm conversation might be in order and, if you can suggest some solutions for special dates or times together, it will probably be fine.

If you have recently talked a lot about your future plans and he nodded silently in, what you thought, was agreement, you might have rocked the boat. If you know that you want something serious, there is no reason to hide that from the world.

If he is inexperienced chances are that he is scared to make the wrong move.

If he takes flight and doesn’t return, you might need to hang up the towel. Most people are sexually attracted to their partner long before they even have a conversation with them.

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