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SDC offers over 2 million swinging couples and singles for your pleasure.Our United States swingers database will keep you up to date on all of the hottest swingers clubs and swinging parties in your city.Married couples find that swinging increases their ability to communicate with each other.

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Local Swingers Ads, Swinger parties, Swingers stories. Swinging is a lifestyle for swinger couples and swinging singles. It can be used for finding friends to hang out with at the bar or meeting at a party or even future booty calls.

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A person who actively seeks excitement and moves with the latest trends. ne reason for marital happiness among swingers may be that swinging as an activity both spouses do together -- a unique pattern compared with other types of extramarital sex.

ontrary to popular belief, swinging "lifestyle" ordinarily does not result in jealousy or marital breakups; it may succeed in solidifying marriages by reromanticizing them and thereby making them tolerable and perhaps even enjoyable.

A member of a couple, especially a married couple, who exchanges sexual partners.

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