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I hugged her, told her that I loved her and apologised for being a bit distant over the last few days.

I told her that I wanted to make it up to her and guided her to the bath.

It added an extra feeling of security and the decrease in sensation helped me to last longer.

This, I think, gives an indication about how careful we were and I think it was because of this that the idea of getting pregnant as we got older began to become quite powerfully erotic.

I began preparing a nice meal for the two of us and bought an expensive bottle of wine.

The first time that she said, “come inside me, I want to feel you making me pregnant” I came so hard I went light-headed.I needed her nicely wound up for the Friday evening I had planned as the special night.On the Friday I arranged to leave work at lunchtime so that I could get home and begin preparations. In the same class at school we were inseparable by the age of fifteen, living together by the time we were nineteen and were married by twenty-three.We had our whole lives in front of us and were looking forward to spending them together.

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